Divorce Sucks But Your Life Doesn’t Have To

Nobody likes divorce. It is heartbreaking, stressful, and disruptive to life as you knew it. But there are ways to make it easier. I’m Latoya Nelson, and I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor who works closely with women going through divorce every day. I’ve created a system to help take out the sting and walk you through the difficult process.

Kick Overwhelm To The Curb

One of the most exhausting parts of divorce is feeling overwhelmed. Even if you are the one who instigated the divorce, feeling overwhelmed is very common. There is just so much to do all at once. Emotions are high, and the ability to see clearly all the things you have to do is just too much to handle. Often curling up under the covers and doing absolutely nothing seems like a better choice. 

Having someone support you during this time is critical. Having someone who can lead you through the ins and out and point you in the right direction when it all seems like too damn much can make all the difference in the world. It can wipe those feelings of overwhelm out and bring a deep breath of relief. 

A Better Life Is Waiting

When you are in the heat of the moment and jumping through all the hoops, it may seem like your life will always be that difficult, especially if you have children with a difficult spouse or financial problems. But I promise you this; there is a better life waiting. I can teach you how to make tough conversations about custody more friendly. I can help you master your money and make you financially secure. Life may be hard now, but it will get better. It can actually be much better than before. A brighter future sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

Start Your Life Today!

The Resources You Need

F*ck This Divorce Toolkit

A free PDF guide that helps you prepare for divorce but also work through other important pieces in the process. It will help you assess your current situation with a clear head and with confidence.


Preparing for Divorce Boot Camp

This self-study course will teach you how to let go so you can fully embrace the new life waiting for you. It will teach you how to disentangle from your soon-to-be-ex and grow in confidence and strength where there was uncertainty and fear.


Divorce can be messy. Draining.

Leaving you a hot crying mess that doesn’t want to participate in the game we call life. And that happens whether you instigated the divorce or had the papers delivered to you out of the blue. 

My F*CK This Divorce Toolkit gives you: 

  • Divorce Checklist
  • Gratitude Worksheet
  • Worries Worksheet
  • Control Worksheet
  • Talking to Kids About Divorce
  • Preparing for the Holidays

Making you able to:

  • Fill in the missing pieces
  • Assess your current situation with a clear head
  • Navigate tough conversations
  • Find the good within the bad
  • Regain your power
  • Make plans for the future

Don't miss a beat!

If you are ready to start taking back your life and create a better future, click below to get my free F*ck This Divorce Toolkit.