Have You Been Sucker Punched By Divorce?

Divorce can be messy. Draining.

Leaving you a hot crying mess that doesn’t want to participate in the game we call life. And that happens whether you instigated the divorce or had the papers delivered to you out of the blue. 

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor who helps women facing the chaos and heartbreak of divorce. I understand that it feels like the end of the world, but I also know that it can and will get better.

That's why I created the FREE

F*ck This Divorce Toolkit

My F*CK This Divorce Toolkit gives you: 

  • Divorce Checklist
  • Gratitude Worksheet
  • Worries Worksheet
  • Control Worksheet
  • Talking to Kids About Divorce
  • Preparing for the Holidays
 Making you able to:
  • Fill in the missing pieces
  • Assess your current situation with a clear head
  • Navigate tough conversations
  • Find the good within the bad
  • Regain your power
  • Make plans for the future


If you are ready to start taking back your life and create a better future, click below to get my free F*ck This Divorce Toolkit. You will also learn more about my Preparing for Divorce Bootcamp, so stay tuned!

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